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Writing has been a passion of mine since I was a teenager. Writing short stories about a girl dealing with the high school world. The girls would pass the stories around with no clue that they were true stories about my teenage life. The energy and excitement sparked the flame that has become a blaze I cannot distinguish.

The novels I write come partly from my life, fantasies and desires that need to become available to all.

Mr. Starr supports my passion and helps me strive to write the story that will touch your heart, make you laugh, cry, scream at me and fall in love a little more each time.

My two grown boys stand by my side and love that I am finally doing what I love. Giving up my life for them was no mistake. Knowing my time would come after raising two extortanary men.

Soon I will have two grandchildren. You think you love your children so much that there is no more room left. When that little face appears, your heart feels so full it could explode. Never knew I could love someone as much as my own children.

Understanding the quote "The is always pleasure in pain." is not sexual but something the mind does to keep us from going insane if an intimate and valuable possession. Yes, it has to meanings. Understanding and abiding by both is not for the faint of heart.

Love is not something to take for granted. Cherish the ones you love. Forever in my heart, soul and thoughts.

Bre Meli Books

My First Love
My First Love
We Are Vengeful Addiction: Lexi (The Vengeful Addiction Series Book 1)
We Are Vengeful Addiction: Lexi (The Vengeful Addiction Series Book 1)
A Moment in the Sun
A Moment in the Sun
She's Percys' Girl: A Step Romance
She's Percys' Girl: A Step Romance

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